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Imagine waking up on 21st March with the moment of happiness of a prawn fisher in
Tanzania, a teacher in Venezuela, a student in India or a cook in Turkey. Now imagine
bringing them extra joy by simply sharing your happy moment with them…
Well we have exciting news!

On World Happiness Day (20.03.23) at 1700 PM the brand new in-app WorldHappinessCafe will open.

It’s a unique online Café where people from around the world will share their daily moment
of happiness. The sole purpose is to celebrate that happiness multiplies when shared.

Now for the challenge. We have a challenge to reach as many countries as possible on 21st
June 2023 (Solstice). How incredible would it be to have at least one person in all 196 countries
sharing their moment of happiness on that day, with others around the world?

WorldHappinessCafe is an initiative by MultiplyHappiness (app HappyWe) and The Optimist
(Optimist Magazine). It will be open from 20th March to 22nd June 2023.

We are inviting influential organisations and people who are committed to worldwide
happiness, gratitude and connectedness to join this initiative. How? Simply by sharing it
with your networks and encouraging them to join.

Head to to see how fun and easy it is to join.
People can join anytime they want for as long as they want. And it’s free!
We all know the phrase a smile can travel the world, and that’s exactly what we’re going to
do in 100 days.

This has never done before. The progress of the challenge will be shown simply by #
countries represented in the WorldHappinessCafe.

Looking forward to have you and your connections joining this unique Cafe and the
worldwide happiness challenge!

More information soon

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