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Positive Psychology Recipes for Well-Being (No Dutch Required)
ma 20 mrt
Conference Center High Tech Campus, first floor
Annemarie Steen & Ralu Nistor-Lustermans

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Ralu (serious about mental health and Well-Being at work) and Annemarie Steen (serious about Playfulness in business), decided to join forces to co-create a fun and meaningful workshop for the Dutch Happiness Week 2023. In 90 min, you will explore the Science of Happiness in a playful way.

They will guide you playfully through scientific insights of Positive Psychology (the PERMA model for wellbeing) and how you can directly apply it into your daily life and activities. The session will be highly interactive, energizing and inspiring.

Ralu Nistor-Lustermans is an international business transformation coach and behavior change practitioner, a mental health first aider and diversity and inclusion advocate, passioned about creating human centered organizations and work cultures that help everyone thrive. She has a corporate background in internal audit, and she is the founder of ERNL: Ralu was a speaker at first Happiness Summit in far east, Egypt, in 2022, talking about the power of Habits and their impact on results/outcomes.

Annemarie Steen is the owner of and founder of She loves to create meaningful and fun experiences for her participants and listeners. She was awarded “Best visiting lecturer” by her MBA students at the Estonian Business School, who refer to her as their ‘Professor of Joy’. Check out her TEDtalk:

Prijs: Gratis

Aanvang: 12:00 uur

Conference Center High Tech Campus, first floor
The Strip, High Tech Campus 1B,

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