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Happiness Radio, tune in 19 maart 12:00!
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Breda University of Applied Sciences
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Lekker vanuit je luie stoel, achter je computer of met een wandeling kan je de hele week intunen op Happiness Radio! Een radioprogramma vanuit de Dutch Happiness Week waar allerlei onderwerpen, sprekers en muziek aan bod gaan komen.

Hoe te luisteren?
Via BUas HUB radio!

Welke tijden precies?
maandag: 09.00 – 13.00
dinsdag: 10.00 – 14.00
woensdag: 09.00 – 12.00
vrijdag 12.00 – 16.00

Ga uit van fijne guilty pleasures gedraaid door DJ’s uit Breda, live muziek gespeeld door artiesten zoals Josh Bisama en verdiepende interviews zoals met Patience:

“Hi, everyone! Join me for a session filled with nothing but radiance regarding ways to take care of your health during the pandemic. My name is Patience, and I’m a Fulbright scholar from the USA. My research regards the importance of embodiment: ways to lessen feelings of trauma, inadequacy, and fear in marginalized bodies when approaching literature. I’ll be discussing healing, the importance of consciousness and perception, and also of daily aesthetics. (What I mean by that is: if I was to join you for a day while you’re living your life, would you have things that you do to bring you joy and make you feel lovely? If that answer is no, I’ll explain why it is important to do start doing joyful and lovely things right away. Hint: it’s essential for soul nourishment, which is influential and reflective throughout your day. ) It’s going to be a really good time + I hope you’re able to tune in!”

We houden je hier op de hoogte van de aankomende programma onderdelen, maar geloof ons: Hier wil je naar luisteren!



Aanvang: 10.00

Breda University of Applied Sciences

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