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Gratitude Journal Making Workshop for Kids (No Dutch Required)
za 18 mrt
Parktheater kleedkamer A7
Anna Błasiak


In this fun and interactive workshop, children will learn about the power of gratitude and how to express it through pictures and drawings. The workshop will guide kids in making their own unique gratitude journals, where they can stick or draw things they are thankful for each day.

Anna Błasiak, who will lead the workshop is knowledgeable about the science of happiness and has experience working with young children.

Note: Parents or guardians are welcome to join in and assist their children during the workshop.

Photo credits: Tim Arterbury

Prijs: 4,-

Aanvang: 13:00

Parktheater kleedkamer A7
Theaterpad 1, 5615 EN,

4-6 years old

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