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Embodiment workshop: Shifting towards regenerative cultures
za 13 mrt

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“A regenerative human culture is healthy, resilient and adaptable; it cares for the planet and it cares for life in the awareness that this is the most effective way to create a thriving future for all of humanity.” – Daniel Christian Wahl, Designing Regenerative Cultures
Both within Extinction Rebellion, through disruptive, non-violent climate activism, as well as in Next-GEN (Global Ecovillage Network), through conscious, essentially sustainable communities, we contribute to creating regenerative cultures. In the transition towards a more socially and environmentally just world, we need to (re)consider our connection to ourselves, to each other and to the eco-system at large.

In this workshop we will explore these topics through physical exercises, mindfulness, dialogue and reflection. This way we will use our whole being, our bodies and minds, to explore and integrate the concept of regenerative cultures. Because if we are to create resilient change in ourselves and, consequently, in our society, we need to engage wholly – with how we think, how we move, as well as how we feel. Furthermore, we will find out more about how regenerative cultures are understood and practiced within XR NL and NextGEN NL. Hopefully, through this workshop we will not only become more familiar with what regenerative cultures are, but we will also come a step closer to living more regeneratively ourselves.
The workshop will be facilitated in English, and is open to all levels of physical ability. If you would like to join, please sign up via this form.
We look forward to moving with all of you!
Aanvang: 13:00 - 15:30

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