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Beyond Breath (English spoken)
wo 17 mrt
Swati Kunwar


Mental Health
Today, the issue of mental health affects an estimated 350 million people around the world, according to
the World Health Organization (WHO). Managing mental health is extremely important, and even more
so during challenging times. Currently we find ourselves in a situation that is uncertain, overwhelming,
and naturally very anxiety provoking. Therefore, during the Dutch Happiness Week, we would like to
present the following workshop:
Beyond Breath : Emotional Intelligence & Mental Resilience :
Discover the power of your breath to build emotional and mental resilience.
To be successful in today’s world, resilience is inevitable. Life throws numerous challenges at an individual
and the ability to cope up with these determine our mental peace and happiness. Mental and emotional
resilience is the capacity to navigate through changes, manage situations and cope up with challenges.
The Breathing techniques and meditation are powerful tools to build this resiliency.
The workshop is the basic introduction about SKY Breath Meditation, a science-backed, rhythmic
breathing technique taught by the Art of living Foundation.

I have pursued my master in Embedded system in TU/e. Now I work in ASML as a Design Engineer

Prijs: Gratis

Aanvang: 12:00



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