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POSTPONED: Open Stories – Dare to Ask & Meet your Community
di 22 mrt
Atlas Cafeteria


This event is postponed untill June.


Everyone has a story to tell…

Some people have experienced truly amazing adventures that inspire us to believe that our wildest dreams may be possible. Others have overcome such tough moments that prompt us to put our lives into perspective and feel more grateful with what we have. Others have just challenged the odds and enjoyed the serendipity of life. 

Sharing stories is how we connect as humans. Learning more about someone and their story enables us to understand them on a different level, inspire us to change, or take us to places, situations and emotions that we have never imagined before… And we love that!!! 

The event “Open Stories” is an evening to inspire the Eindhoven student community to take more time to listen to the real stories around us. 

For that, we have chosen captivating storytellers from our own community, who are ready to share their life stories with you in an intimate conversation. You can expect heartening, raw and honest stories that will broaden your horizons.  

This 2nd Edition of “Open Stories” is happy to join the Dutch Happiness Week 2022, an initiative founded by Fontys University & Parktheater Eindhoven, that aims to raise awareness and promote happiness by collaborating with several partners for a week full of inspiring activities. 


Join us Tuesday evening, March 22nd, from 19:00 at the Atlas Building cafeteria.

Entrance 3€ (including a Hubble coin for a social drink afterwards)


We are looking for human stories!

Have you experienced adventures that inspired you, have you overcome tough moments that put your life into perspective, or have you challenged the odds and enjoyed the serendipity of life?

For this event during Dutch Happiness Week, we are looking for students of TU/e and Fontys who are ready to share their life stories in an intimate conversation. You are free to tell any story, no matter how small or large, but we would like for you to reflect on how your story helped or will help you in your own happiness!

Want to be a human story? Email for more info!

Don’t want to be a human story, but curious about joining the event as a reader on March 22nd, 19:00? Check out the link below!

Prijs: €3,00 (including a Hubble coin for a social drink afterwards)

Aanvang: 19.00 uur

Atlas Cafeteria
Near Brownies & Downies,

Students only

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