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Love around the World
di 21 mrt
TU/e Campus Common Room
TINT + Cosmos

Inclusiviteit & VerbindingStudentenWorkshop

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.

All people, all over the world experience love.

However, not everyone treats it in the same way.

Cultures have different traditions and habits around the topic of love.


What is unique about your culture’s way of loving?

Do you maybe struggle with different perceptions on love?

Can you be yourself and love the way you want?

Does long-distance pose a challenge?


TINT in collaboration with Cosmos, brings you an event to explore how love is interpreted across the globe, to dive into how to communicate about your needs and wishes, and how to be less confused with different conceptions!

Love is taken on its broader sense, so it can be romantic relationships but also friendships and family ties!


Don’t forget to bring your own (anonymous) questions, as we also want to hear what’s on your mind.


Prijs: 2,50

Aanvang: 19:00 uur

TU/e Campus Common Room
MetaForum, 5612 AZ,

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