GEANNULEERD – Talk: Discover your ways to happiness in foreign land
zo 22 mrt

Bibliotheek Eindhoven

Harshita talks about her journey in Netherlands, and how it showed way to learn new skills and nurture some of her own. Living an expat life in Netherlands, for 6 years now, and gaining experience in the field of IT and educational research.

Also at the same time, trying to create a space which holds the same feel as I had with a place – 6715 kilometers away, I called it home. Took me quite sometime to realize, that Home is a feeling and is created by emotions and people. So I started exploring things that made me feel Home, i.e. feel happy. I started socializing more (not my thing at all), find people- I can talk in Hindi, pen down my thoughts -some may call it poems- do some fun dancing, and music. It has been a beautiful journey of my growth and I would like to share some of its excerpts with you all today and have some fun together.

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Aanvang: 13;30-14:30

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