CANCELLED/GEANNULEERD Happy Parenting Workshop – The Student Hotel
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The Student Hotel

A 90-minutes journey for parents to get inspired and learn about the science behind happiness and positive parenting.

What do you most want for your children?

The answer of many parents is: ‘love’, ‘health’, ‘good relations’, ‘confidence’ or ‘fulfillment’.

As a whole, happiness is what most parents want for their children. Therefore, we created a 90 minutes interactive and fun journey to explore the state of happiness of adults and children.

The workshop will provide parents with a backpack full of knowledge, tips, and inspiration to practice positive parenting and help them discover that a big part of happiness can be influenced by their actions. It will present research about happiness’ related topics. We will also spot the light on resilience, flow, positive emotions and gratitude.

Workshop moderators:
Anna Błasiak
Educator; focused on the science of happiness and positive education.

Stavroula Manolaki
Educator, Pedagogue; focused on parent empowerment.


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Aanvang: 16:00

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